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“Todos os sprinters acabam por sonhar em alcançar a vitória neste palco icónico [Champs Élysées]” – Entrevista com Arne Marit

“Todos os sprinters acabam por sonhar em alcançar a vitória neste palco icónico [Champs Élysées]” – Entrevista com Arne Marit

Written by Melissa Silva

Arne Marit is a Belgian sprinter that represents Intermarché – Wanty. Arne has emerged as a formidable force in the peloton since embarking on his thrilling journey into professional cycling. A cyclist of perseverance, dedication, and unwavering passion for the sport. Marit’s physical prowess complements his sprinting expertise, adding a thrilling dimension to his racing style. As a Belgian cyclist, he carries the rich legacy of a country synonymous with cycling excellence. What distinguishes Arne Marit is not only his promising potential, but also a recent string of outstanding race results in the previous season. 

In this exclusive interview, we explore the journey of Arne Marit’s talk about the influences that shaped him, the challenges he has overcome, and his racing goals.


Arne Marit during a training camp.
Photo: Cycling Media Agency

PCM: Do you have a favourite race? Are there specific races or events you are particularly looking forward to?

AM: Personally, I am looking forward to all of the races leading up to a bunch sprint, as this will be the season’s primary goal. The more sprints we do, the more comfortable we become with each other in the new lead out train. As a sprinter, you want to sprint as much as possible, so it’s great that the team has provided me with a sprint-focused training programme.

PCM: Winning the Champs Élysées in the Tour de France is a dream of yours, right? Can you share more about it?

AM: Winning at the Champs Élysées in the Tour de France has been a long-standing dream of mine. For sprinters, it’s the ultimate goal, and I believe every sprinter aspires to achieve victory on this iconic stage. 

PCM: Your most important victory so far has been the Grand Prix du Morbihan in 2021. How much does that win mean to you? 

AM: Winning the Grand Prix du Morbihan in 2021 marked an important turning point in my career. It not only secured a significant victory, but also marked the start of my career on the World Tour while riding for Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise. This victory marked the beginning of a new chapter and provided the confidence required to compete at the highest level. It holds a special place in my heart as an important point in my professional cycling career.

Editorial’s Note: In Morbihan, in Brittany (France), there is an annual cycling race known as the Grand Prix du Morbihan. There’s a long history of thrilling and intensely fought races amongst professional riders in this event. For the fans, it’s a must-watch race since it provides a stage for up-and-coming talent as well as established stars to display their skills.

PCM: Family seems to play a crucial role in your life and career. How have your family and friends supported you in your cycling journey, and in what ways do they contribute to your success as a cyclist?

AM: My family is my most important support system, and they are always there for me in every aspect of my life, including cycling. Their constant encouragement and belief in my abilities have been critical to my success. I owe a lot to them for the stability and strength they bring into my life. Their support is not only emotional, but also practical, and they are my most important pillars.

PCM: Do you consider that during the Giro d’Italia 2023 you had the stage race of your life, particularly in the stage where you secured a 4th place? What made that experience stand out for you, and how did it contribute to your growth as a cyclist?

AM: The 2023 Giro d’Italia was a memorable experience for me, and the stage where I finished fourth holds special significance. The challenging nature of the race, especially since it was my first Grand Tour, combined with the satisfaction of achieving a top result, made it memorable. It was a stage where I felt connected to the race dynamics, and the overall experience helped me grow as a cyclist. It boosted my confidence and demonstrated my abilities in a demanding stage race environment.

Arne Marit during 2023 Giro d’Italia.
Photo: Cycling Media Agency

Editorial’s Note: Giro d’Italia with three weeks of intense riding over difficult terrain, it’s a true exhibition of the top riders in the sport. The desired pink jersey, or maglia rosa, which signifies the overall leader, adds a great deal of excitement to each stage. Beyond the physical spectacle, Giro d’Italia captures the hearts of Italians and cycling lovers with a unique blend of cultural richness and competitive greatness. The event maintains its reputation as one of the best road cycling competitions in the world each year by weaving a tale of triumphs, challenges, and stunning landscapes.

PCM: Considering the last Giro d’Italia, can you tell me more about the goals for this year’s Grand Tours and how you plan to approach those races?

AM: This year, I’m doing Vuelta a España rather than Giro d’Italia. I’m really looking forward to it. A Grand Tour is always something memorable. 3 weeks of suffering to get to the line in Madrid is something I look forward to because it always tests your body and puts a lot of stress on it, which helps you become a better rider in the long run. Last year, I learned a lot in Giro d’Italia, and it also helped me become a better rider, as evidenced by my strong performance in the season’s final races!

PCM: What are your overall expectations for this cycling season? Are there any personal goals you’ve set for yourself this season, whether in terms of performance, achievements, or improvements?

AM: First and foremost, I want to have a consistent season. Since I have a new lead out, we must first focus on getting the lead out train on track. Once this is completed successfully, we can begin to look for positive outcomes. The goal is to make it into the select group of top sprinters on the World Tour, which will not be easy but is certainly possible with a good lead out man like Boy Van Poppel. Winning on the World Tour is not easy, but it is certainly something we strive for. We’ll start by trying to win one-day races at the 1.1 level. Following that, we can concentrate on World Tour sprints before finishing the season with Vuelta a España.

Arne Marit and his usual good mood.
Photo: Cycling Media Agency
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