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Foreigners in Volta a Portugal

Mathias Reutimann: “I will never forget some nice mountains, like Torre and Senhora da Graça”

Swiss rider, 26 years old, from Swiss Racing Academy. He participated in the Volta a Portugal in 2019, finishing 3rd in a Montalegre stage.

– Before racing Volta a Portugal, had you ever heard about the race?

Yes. Former team mates spoke often about it, and also some Portuguese friends from my hometown told me that this race is really nice and special. So I was happy to participate.

– Was there anything in Volta that impressed you or that you retain until today?

I often think of it. I will never forget some nice mountains like Torre and Senhora da Graça. The crowd on the roadside was just amazing and also really sympathetic. It is an amazing race.

– Are there any international races that you can compare to Volta?

I found the level of the Volta similar to other races.

– What is your opinion on Portuguese cycling and riders, based on your Volta experience?

The portuguese cycling’s level is really high. There is also a lot of respect during the race, which makes it fair in quieter moments, but taff when the decision comes.

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