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“Acredito que a Lotto Dstny é um lugar onde posso melhorar” – Entrevista com Jonas Gregaard

“Acredito que a Lotto Dstny é um lugar onde posso melhorar” – Entrevista com Jonas Gregaard

Written by Melissa Silva

Meet Jonas Gregaard, a successful Danish professional road cyclist. He currently rides for Lotto Dstny, a well-known Belgian cycling team with a long history and a commitment to excellence. The team has a long history of success in various cycling disciplines, including victories in one-day classics and Grand Tours. Gregaard’s cycling career has been defined by dedication, skill, and enthusiasm for the sport. In this exclusive interview, we’ll learn about his experiences, aspirations, and the exciting path that sits ahead.


PCM: Reflecting on last year, what factors influenced your decision to transition from Uno-X to Lotto Dstny?

JG: I believe I had a very good season, in which I made significant improvements. In Uno X, I had many successful races for both myself and my teammates. The Tour de France was especially important to me, and I felt great after finishing the tour and passing all of the stages. Sometimes you have to think about your future and what will be best for your growth. I believe Lotto is a place where I can see myself and improve my riding, and now I am here.

PCM: Do you anticipate that your personal goals will be achieved at Lotto Dstny?

JG: Absolutely, I have great confidence in that. However, I’ve also joined Lotto to contribute to the team’s success and support my teammates. They’ve already seen my capabilities in significant races. While my approach this season may be similar to what I did at Uno X, being part of a different team will undoubtedly provide a unique learning experience. I’m confident it will be a good year, and I’m committed to giving my best.

PCM: Winning the mountain classification at Paris-Nice must have been a significant achievement. How do you see 2024 shaping up for you?
 Winning the mountain classification at Paris-Nice was an incredible experience, but I think the year 2024 will be even more promising. My training has shown progress, and I feel stronger than I did a year ago. I hope to improve on my performance at Paris-Nice and other events by using this boosted power and motivation.

Jonas Gregaard with the mountain jersey at Paris-Nice.
Photo: Szymon Gruchalski Sports

PCM: Living in Girona seems to be a vital aspect of your training. How does it contribute to your preparation for the season?

JG: I’ve lived in Girona for the past five years, and it’s a great location for off-season training. The city provides the ideal fusion of stunning views, mountains, and a bike-friendly atmosphere. The roads are great and the locals are supportive, making for a safe and pleasurable training experience. Girona provides me with the best possibilities and chances to advance as a cyclist.

Editor’s Note: Girona, a city in northeastern Spain, has emerged as a significant hub in the world of professional cycling. The city’s appeal to cyclists is because it has a favourable climate, diverse terrain, and well-maintained roads. Many professional riders, including numerous Grand Tour champions, choose Girona as their training headquarters during the off-season and throughout the year. And, Jonas proves that the city provides an ideal setting for cyclists to log crucial training km, whether on challenging mountain roads or rolling countryside.

PCM: What are your expectations for this year, and how have you prepared for your specific goals?

JG: This season’s preparation hasn’t been all that different from usual for me. I rode over 100 hours in December and participated in some teamwork to get to know my new teammates. Training camps will be essential for our last-minute preparations as the season draws closer. In addition to trying to do well in the Ardenne classics, one of my personal goals is to take part in a grand tour.

Editor’s Note: One of the most important events in the spring cycling calendar is the Ardennes Classics, a series of one-day professional cycling races held in Belgium’s Ardennes area. Amstel Gold Race, La Flèche Wallonne, and Liège-Bastogne-Liège are among the most difficult and desired classics in sports because of their difficult terrain, steep climbs, and unpredictable weather. The Ardennes Classics are significant because they attract the best lineup of cyclists, including one-day race experts and Grand Tour competitors. Before important races like the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia, these races are a significant opportunity for cyclists to show off their shape and climbing skills.

PCM: Looking back at last year, what was your favorite race, and do you have a dream race?

JG: Liège-Bastogne-Liège stands out as my favorite race from last year and I really hope to be able to do it again. As for a dream race, I’ve already achieved mine by participating in the Tour de France in 2023. Now, the dream is not only to compete there but also to secure a stage victory.

Jonas Gregaard during the last Tour de France
Photo: Szymon Gruchalski Sports

Editor’s Note: Liège-Bastogne-Liège, one of the Ardennes Classics, attracts professional cyclists who want to test their climbing skills. Securing a victory in “La Doyenne” is greatly desired, as it represents a rider’s capacity to overcome the difficult terrain and become a part of the history of cycling and Jonas wants to become part of that history.

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